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Exceptional Support 24/7 Support

We offer round-the-clock support. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you 24/7, ensuring any issues you encounter are promptly resolved.

Multichannel selling

Empower your business to interact with clients through various channels, such as POS and tenders, using our multichannel selling capabilities.

Customized System

Tailor your system to match your unique business needs. Enjoy the flexibility of a system that evolves alongside your company's changing demands.

Comprehensive Warehouse Reports

Access complete statistics from all your warehouses in one place, including sales data, expenses, and more with our comprehensive warehouse reporting feature.

Expiry Date Tracking

Stay in control with real-time expiry date tracking. Never worry about expired items again, reducing waste and improving product quality.

Preventing Stock-out

Our system provides advanced warnings well in advance to prevent stock-outs, ensuring your business operates smoothly.

About Lineshop

Simplify Pharmacy Management with Lineshop

  • Lineshop is a cloud-based pharmacy management platform designed to streamline inventory management, data handling, and billing processes for pharmacies.

  • It serves as a central hub for all pharmacy operations, offering increased accuracy, enhanced organization, and improved customer service.


Security, Simplicity, Easiness

Elevate Your Pharmacy with cloud Powered Simplicity and Security

Bank Grade Security

Our system is equipped with bank-grade security protocols to safeguard sensitive information and ensure data protection.

Streamlined Pharmacy management
  • Simplify your pharmacy operations with an easy-to-use interface designed for simplicity. Say goodbye to complex procedures.

  • Access your pharmacy's data anytime, anywhere. Our user-friendly platform empowers you, making your daily tasks more effortless than ever.


Discover Lineshop's Unique Difference

Lineshop Others
Inventory Management Excellent Fair
Order Processing Excellent Fair
Expiry Date Tracking Excellent Fair
Comprehensive Warehouse Reports Excellent Fair
Technology State-Of-The-Art Up-to-Date
Customer Support Excellent Fair

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Got Questions? Look Here

How Does Yor Pharmacy Management System Work?

Our pharmacy management system is a comprehensive software solution designed streamline pharmacy operations. It handles inventory management, customer records, building and more all in integrated platform.

What inventory management features does your system offer?

System offers robust to inventory management features, including real-time tracking, automatic reorders and expiry date tracking to optimize inventory level and reduce waste.

How secure is the system for Customers/Patient Data?

Our system access controls to safeguard patient information.

Can the system handle multiple locations or chaain Pharmacies?

Yes our system is scalable and can support multiple locations and chain pharmacies with centralized management and reporting.

Is your system cloud Based or On-premises?

We offer cloud based system which allow you to access the data of pharmacies from anywhere and at anytime.

What training and support resource do you provide during Implementation?

We provide 24/7 customer support and provide on site or remote training for your staff during installation and beyond.

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